Beer lovers, your time has come. This weekend marks the start of an incredible month of beer festivals in the capital – and really, they’re unmissable. From Free beer tasting, to beer hunts, to unlimited beer samples in Shoreditch – there really is something for everyone. Grab a mate and check out our favorite craft beer events of the summer!

Brook Green Market and Kitchen – free beer tasting!

Brook Green Market and Kitchen have launched their Summertime month of craft beer in London, and guys, it’s going to be big.

There’ll be discounted beers, delicious food stands and interesting beer-related talks. You’ll also get to see, touch and smell all craft beer ingredients, chat to the brewers themselves and, of course, try the beers. Pay attention and out-hipster all your friends with your newfound expertise – provided you’re sober enough to remember what they say.

Oh, and the best part? The beer tastings are totally free. This event is on every Saturday until the 19th of August, so enjoy it while it lasts!

The London Craft Beer Festival – Shoreditch

More than 45 of the world’s best breweries are coming to London this August to celebrate beer – and we’re more than happy to join them. Oh, and guess what – the ticket includes UNLIMITED BEER. Seriously. Unlimited. Beer.

The brewers themselves will attend the event, and are happy to chat about what you’re drinking and the story behind it. Plus, they’ve collaborated with KERB, one of the biggest street food providers in London. Anyone who knows KERB will know you’ll want to bring a little extra for their food – it’s always outstanding.

London Beer City

What doesn’t this beer festival have? Their description says there’s something for everyone, and they weren’t joking. From free London Beer Hunts to pub takeovers to a massive closing party come festival on the 12th – London Beer City is not one to miss. Plus, the events are pretty much all over the city, so there’s bound to be a good craft beer in London close to you. Check out their event page and put a bit of beer in your calender – trust us, you won’t regret it.

If beer isn’t your thing, don’t worry – there’s plenty of parties on Nightset App. If you need a little more inspiration, why not check out the pinkest bars in London, or London’s best Jazz bars.

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