Sometimes it’s good to keep secrets… Nothing too devious, but the odd little thing you keep to yourself and reveal when you are ready… like a secret bar or an obscure underground club. That’s our theme this week… enjoy but shhhhh. Don’t tell everyone!

1) Nine Lives

Nine lives bar

Nine Lives is a little bit different. An underground secret with an beautiful emphasis on sustainable materials for the decor. It feels like a cross between a James Bond set and a Japanese influenced Cuban crossbreed of interior design. Amazing , creative and delicious cocktails such as Omu Kooler – a refreshing blend of Campari,  Watermelon and Cucumber soda .  Nine Lives is  situated a few minutes walk from London Bridge station in Bermondsey street , an area that is just getting better by the month.

2) Blind Spot

Blind spot

Hidden in the St Martins Lane Hotel , you literally have to search out the Boutique tea counter and shake the golden hand . This will reveal a secret underground bar which has live music with Jazz and Swing acts on Tuesdays and electronic and dance DJ residencies Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays until late.  Without jumping ahead to our Halloween recommendation coming soon, we can give you a little Nightset heads up that this place will be turning into a cave of Gothic Horror from the 24th October. We can’t think of anywhere better to scare the hot pants of you.

3) Flight Club Bloomsbury

Flight Club Bloomsbury

We just couldn’t resist this strange little secret of a place tucked away behind Tottenham Court Road.  The idea is Social Darts, but forget any idea of old fat men boring you to death with shouts of One Hundred and Eighty!  This is modern, cool, ironic darts for a new generation. It’s bright, loud, fun and VERY social. This is a place to take some mates – probably not a first date….before London turns Halloween on us, go and have a play with a giant dart board. It’s our (not very well kept) little secret 😉

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