Chelsea is a wonderfully eclectic area, now stretching across a much bigger area than originally. Even parts of Fulham are now classed as ‘Greater Chelsea’.  This is a good thing we think as there’s now much more to cater for everyone and at Nightset we love finding places for every mood:

1) Eclipse

This classic is small but perfectly formed and is one of those great places to set your internal homing beacon to for after hours drinks.  At the corner of Walton street and Brompton road, this DJ bar is a great place to finish the night. The wonderful DJ Jaime Lisa often residents here on the decks and the vibe is really friendly and social once you have squeezed in.  The cocktails are great too.

Eclipse in London - party - girls

2) Bluebird

Although very well known these days and always packed, there is reason for this: Bluebird is always a great place to meet new people , take a date, have a delicious meal or any combination of these activities.  The place has a great bar / restaurant area on the first floor but the outdoor area is also great fun, even in the winter nights as long as you are well wrapped up as they have gas heaters dotted about the terrace.  Yes, Bluebird is the home for Chelsea and Kensington’s pretty people who like to splash the cash and / or max out their credit cards. Enjoy the vibe and the classic cocktail list mixed to perfection by a great team of mixologists. Still 10 / 10 from us x

Bluebird in London party - girls having a dinner3) The Jam Tree Chelsea

London makes places like this seemingly effortlessly, but this is a local favourite for sure.  Is it a pub, a bar, a restaurant or a club? Actually a bit of all depending on when you go.  DJs man the decks at the weekends and there is a giant garden for the warmer months or after you’ve had enough to not feel it.   Situated on the bottom end of the Kings road heading towards Parsons Green, the Jam Tree is near a couple of other bars and restaurants including Embargo and Jacks Bar, which deserve a mention in their own right for being great ‘big night’ venues when you are with a big group of mates.

Inside of the Jam Tree Chelsea in London

And just to show that everything  Chelsea isn’t just about posh bars and fancy clubs, the Zoo bar in Piccadilly Circus is showing the Chelsea vs Atletico match during its long happy hour this Tuesday , so if you are a fan then they have 3 large screens to enjoy the multiple matches on!”

Take care my dears and see you next week x


Anna, x

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