For anyone outside the UK who is wondering why there are apocalyptic headlines like this, it’s actually rather hot in Britain today. Of course, the hysteria begins anytime parts of the UK reach higher than 16 degrees, so you can only imagine the reaction to almost double that temperature today. If you can’t, the tea has evaporated, we’re burnt and we aren’t coping well.  Here’s the best Twitter reactions so far…

The hysterical and/or strangely competitive headlines come out in force:


People going outside for the first time couldn’t believe it

There were some very slight overreactions

People got pretty extra


There is also some serious alarm over the fact no one could sleep last night:

The cold side of the pillow is something you never appreciate until it’s gone.

And the commute home became positively terrifying

To be fair, the panic is justified when you remember how badly we burn in the sun:

Our dogs have had quite enough…

And our cats have given up hope…

We can’t understand why the global community has absolutely no sympathy

We aren’t ready! We aren’t prepared! Give us a break.

So, while we complain about the crap ‘British Summer Weather’, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Oh well, at least we have alot to talk about.

We hope you liked our roundup of the best tweets from #HeatwaveUK – let us know if you think there’s any we missed!

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