So it’s that time of year again, when we celebrate a Guy who wanted to blow up the Houses of Parliament . A bizarre celebration , we know, especially that we celebrate him by burning an effigy of this particular Guy (Fawkes) on a giant bonfire accompanied with multiple fireworks to echo his gunpowder plot….but these days it’s just another excuse to party. This time outside in the freezing cold, warmed with whatever you can get your hands on 🙂

1) Alexandra Palace Fireworks Festival (and German bierfest )

Alexandra Palace Fireworks Festival

North Londoners have probably one of the biggest and best London fireworks displays up at Alexandra Palace, this is on over Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th November and starts with a laser show before the fireworks kick off at 8pm. Handily for the adults they are also running a beer festival at the same time so you can warm up in there from 5pm to ensure you are prepared for the large banging session that will follow.

2) Battersea Park Fireworks

Battersea Park Fireworks

South of the river there is the beautiful Battersea Park, which seems to be one part of London that feels awesome all year round but especially in the dark winter nights where the lights reflect off Battersea Bridge and the park becomes quite magical. There will be bars and eateries from 6.30 before the fire is lit at 7.30 ready for the fireworks at 8pm. This year theme is very much in keeping with the local area : “POWER”

3) Hammersmith and Fulham (Bishops Park or Ravenscourt Park)

Hammersmith and Fulham

Trust LBHF to have two fireworks displays in the same borough! Actually it’s a big enough area to cover so it makes complete sense and allows the most people to experience the fireworks. If you are in West London, this is definitely the best display for you.  Bishops park is on Friday 3rd and the Ravenscourt Park one is on Saturday 4th. There will also be a funfair Yay!

4) Victoria Park Fireworks

Victoria Park Fireworks

For those in the East of town, this is the one for you and the best thing about it ? It’s completely free! We love that. Produced by Walk the Plank, this year’s Guy Fawkes celebration will bring an exciting sci-fi vibe with a mix of both contemporary and classical tracks synchronised to a dizzying sequence of fireworks and special effects.  

Blasting off at 7pm, residents can journey to the stars and enjoy a stunning display. The park will be open earlier in the evening with refreshments available to be bought on site from 5.30pm.

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