It’s that time of the year when we are all secretly thinking about Xmas parties, presents, festive drinks and doing as little work as possible. Oops, did we really all just think that at the same time? 🙂

So here at Nightset, we’ve come up with some things to try in the run up to  the Christmas holidays, as we near the time for sharing goodwill and good cheer(s).

1) Have the week off from drinking alcohol

Have the week off from drinking alcohol

Yes, this might sound crazy but it’s actually a really good idea to prepare your liver for the coming onslaught of Xmas parties , so we suggest taking the next week off from drinking anything alcoholic to give your system a well-needed rest and to prepare it for the festive season.  Try and keep to mineral water, green tea and natural juices (freshly pressed if possible) for the next week – including the weekend if you can – and then gradually reintroduce any alcoholic drinks slowly.  You body will love you as much as we do 🙂

2) Go to a health spa

Go to a health spa

I know we are getting a little new age on you right, but seriously, combine a spa day with your self-enforced pre-tox of not drinking booze for a week is a going to help you not only chill out as you try and finish your work before the party season, but also helps your body completely detoxify especially if you do sauna  and steam room as well as a therapeutic massage, which also helps drive out those nasty things in your skin. Here’s a few to check out – London’s Best Spas.

3) Get groomed, pimped up and hit the gym

Get groomed , pimped up and hit the gym

What better time to have that new haircut ?! Try out a completely new style maybe. Get a new accessory. Anything that will make you feel fresh and different for all those Christmas parties.  You can always change it after Xmas as part of your New Year’s resolutions so nothing to lose.  Also you want to look your best for all those hot boys and girls you are going to meet over the next few weeks.  It’s a great time to hit the gym for a week as well. If you combine that with all of our other suggestions, you are going to feel AMAZING for the party season!   

4) Meditate, Man!

Meditate, Man!

If you are anything like us, the last few years of the year are a mad rush running around getting presents, finishing off studies or work projects, working out parties and get togethers . It’s all actually pretty crazy and can wear you out without the right chill out time. These days, you don’t need to join some cult to enjoy a bit of meditation and there are loads of YouTube videos that can help you get into the zone with binaural soundscapes to help you switch off and get your mind into a wonderfully calm place. We recommend a 30 -60 minute session with your headphone on in bed before you slip off to sleep. You will thank us in the morning 🙂

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