We gave you our list of the top foods to eat to cure a hangover (and we included water because trust us, that’s important). This week we’re here to tell you some hard truths about what you really shouldn’t be eating when your head’s killing you, your mouth is a desert and you just really really want that leftover chinese food (but also might be sick). Spoilers: you can’t have it, put the chopsticks down, sorry. We just want what’s best for you.

Of course, we respect any hard core party animals who stick two fingers up to our advice and eat it anyway. But, if you normal people want to get over your hangover as quickly as possible, listen up. Here’s Nightset’s worst foods to eat if you’re hungover.

Bloody Mary

So tempting, yet so ill advised. The Bloody Mary has cemented it’s status as a hangover cure, but get this; it only makes you feel better if you’re actually going into withdrawal. Your body has adjusted to the alcohol intake of the night before, and now that you have (hopefully) stopped, it needs to get back to normal. Hair of the dog brings it back to the previous level, and may temporarily take away the symptoms of sweating which alcohol withdrawal causes, but ultimately you’re just delaying the inevitable. Plus, the tomato juice in a bloody mary is going to make you feel even worse by upsetting your already unhappy stomach. Give your body a break, guys.

Greasy Fry Up   

Again, we know, so tempting. But like the Bloody Mary, a fry up full of unhealthy fats is just going to upset your stomach. Plus, you’re basically doubling the amount of work your body has to do to get you back to normal. The greasy fats in the breakfast are processed in the same channels as alcohol, so your body will have to prioritise whichever one it needs to breakdown more. This means that getting better will take longer, so you’ll be stuck in bed wondering if you’re going to survive for longer than you have to be.


Don’t panic! We don’t mean you have to completely abandon coffee. We know it may feel like it’s the last thing on this earth capable of rescuing you from the abyss that is this hangover. However, you shouldn’t be having as much as you normally do. Coffee dehydrates you, and trust us, that’s the last thing you want after a heavy night on the town. Have a cup, by all means if you need one (it’ll be better than the coffee withdrawal). Just hold back a little, and drink plenty of pure water with it.   

Orange Juice

A surprise addition? The citrus in orange juice (and other citrusy drinks) can really mess with your already irritated stomach. You might be one of the lucky ones whose digestive system can withstand this citrusy onslaught, but chances are you aren’t. Stay far away from the orange juice and bloody marys people!



There you go! We hope we’ve helped you avoid these four hangover pitfalls so you can be back to your old selves again in no time. Of course, we also want you to keep partying, so check out Nightset app and find the coolest parties, people and places in London!

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