Nightset has just agreed a strategic partnership with the NTIA . Through the deal, NTIA and Nightset will use the power of both organisations to enhance the UK nighttime industry and help us all #SaveNightlife together. By joining forces, this partnership brings together the NITA’s experience, vision and existing relationships with the streamlined technology-driven approach to improving the ‘going out’ process that Nightset provides. Over the coming months, NTIA and Nightset will be working together on a number of key initiatives that will be announced as they roll out.

For Nightset’s founders, the NTIA is a very closely aligned organisation in terms of ethos and mission. The NTIA was set up in 2015 to start to fight back against the rampant decline of the UK’s nightlife industry where clubs were closing at a phenomenally fast rate. Ever increasing rates, big money gentrification and redevelopment , politically motivated closures (Fabric) , the previous lack of a ‘nighttime champion’ and many other factors contributed to this demise. Just as the NTIA was setup by concerned stakeholders within the industry to help turn it around , Nightset was founded with a mission to remind people that Life Is A Party. Nightset’s mission is to enable good people to constantly find new and interesting places to go out. Both companies were set up to revolutionise the way people go out and enjoy themselves and ensure that those places they go are able to flourish and grow.

The NTIA is the dynamic power behind the UKs nightlife industry , representing the whole ecosystem from venue owners and operators to music venues and restaurants and everything else in between! This partnership is a really groundbreaking opportunity for both organisations . NTIAs members are genuinely passionate about making going out experiences the most amazing they can be and the NTIA is also an innovative driver of industry change. By working together in this partnership we want to digitally enable the industry to the next level through Nightsets innovative technology platform and unify the market across all customer touch points. Together the industry is stronger and empowered through institution and technology. We can truly #SaveNightlife says Anna Frankowska, Co-founder & CEO ,

We are really excited about the collaboration with Nightset. Anna has demonstrated a passion and love for nightlife that has led her project and it enables a number of different activities all of which are beneficial to both the industry and consumer. We think this partnership is the start of something important that will help us to continue championing nightlife and all of its benefits while generating more business and better engagement all round. We encourage all venues to participate – and by doing so help to Save Nightlife while having a great time!”  Alan D. Miller, Chairman, The Night Time Industries Association

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