So, it’s time for a change. Party Hype has grown this year, and as we’ve been on every turn of this journey, the name doesn’t quite reflect who and what we truly are. I realised that what we do is more than just partying: it’s about meeting like-minded people, finding the best experiences, and discovering a way of living that matches who we really are. Obviously, this is a big decision and something we don’t take lightly. We are excited to share with you our new name, which is: Nightset.

Ultimately, everything connected to what we do revolves around the night — and we wanted to reflect that in our name. Also, our app has evolved and now allows you to complete each step of your nightlife journey and arrange everything you need to have a memorable experience, from ordering tickets to finding your after party to meeting someone you like. Literally, Nightset lets you ‘set’ your night. It’s also about the like-minded people you can connect with through the app — the people we call the ‘Nightset’, who are at the core of everything we do. Certainly, we like this duality of meaning.

Party Hype was where we started — the inspiration at the start of our journey, the spark that we ignited our dream with. But now, it’s time to move forward — and Nightset will take us down a new path. We hope you’ll enjoy the trip.

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