We thought it was time we tapped into our nightlife experience during the first few crazy weeks of Freshers and beyond and have come up with our Top Tips for enjoying your safe nights out in London and making the most of them. Here they are 🙂

1) Don’t take loads of cash out with you

Don’t take loads of cash out with you

Take a small amount (sensibly enough for a taxi home if you lose your bank card or phone) and one bank card. Try and avoid a fat wallet as it can be a target for thieves or simply fall out . A slim wallet with a single card is easier to carry and means you keep the rest of your cards safe at home. Obviously now you can use contactless on your mobile phone, but we’d suggest you leave that trick for another day 😉

2) Tell your friends where you go

just tell me

Always try and tell some friends who aren’t going out with you that night where you are going just so that they know. It’s a good habit to get into just in case you get separated from your party friends or you are running too late for comfort.

3) Drink plenty of water

drink waterTry and carry a small bottle with you but if the club you are going to doesn’t let you take it in with you, then you can always ask the bar for tap water or bottled water. Staying hydrated keeps you partying longer and especially in a hot , sweaty club makes sure you won’t do something embarrassing like faint :O

4) Try not to mix your drinks too much!dont mix drinks

We all learnt this the hard way, but especially when you are a student it’s easy to start on the beer and then throw in a few shots and then in no time you are sinking Southern Comforts mixed with some energy drink and giving it a new name LOL  Bad idea for your head the next morning and your liver too. The old rule is never to mix the grape (wine) and the grain (whisky / vodka etc) and it definitely works.  The best clubbers tend to stick to one type of drink all night and again, plenty of water between drinks. Delish!

5) Meet people safely

Meet people safely.

The best part of going out in a big city is meeting new people. It’s one of the main reasons we created Nightset and its Meet feature. But always be smart and savvy. Try and check someone you like out subtly first from a distance . If you are a girl, check the guy you have just met at the bar has got some friends with him and hasn’t come alone to the venue, as that can be a warning sign that maybe he doesn’t have the best intentions 🙂   If you are with people try and get one or two of your entourage to interact a little too, just to check the person out and make sure they don’t think you have picked up a crazy one. Then if you feel it’s all okay then enjoy your night. Most people are totally cool but always play safe 😉

6) If you loose your phone

lost phone

If you lose your phone on your night out, first thing in the morning (or when you realise) , try and use a mate’s phone and if it’s an iPhone , you can use their phone to Find Your Phone by logging into icloud on their device. You can then set it to Lost Mode (and even wipe it) and put your friend’s contact details into the box that will appear on your phone ,wherever it is. 90% of people are honest and if they’ve found it you’d be surprised how many will phone you back and you can arrange to get it back. We’ve found this is especially true if you lose it in a cab or something.  

7) Getting into a club if you’ve had a little too much to drink

too much alcohol

This one doesn’t always work but it’s a good little trick. First psyche yourself up and speak slowly but clearly to yourself to practice before you reach the front of the clue. Practice a single sentence which will be a distraction question. It’s psychologically proven that if you ask a question to someone who is about to ask you something, it switches their brain logic. In this scenario, just as you reach the doorman, be friendly but measured  (but not OTT) and say “Hi, what time are you open until?” . Once you get the answer, a very calm “Thanks a lot” . By this point , unless you are literally unable to stand  , you should be able to breeze into the venue.

8) Getting onto the guestlist for an event.


Well this one is far too easy – Simply download Nightset , find the event you want to go to and click get onto the guestlist! Show the doorman your app at the door and you are in, courtesy of Nightset 🙂

9) Late night food cravings?  

food craving

Once you’ve left the club and it’s silly o’clock in the morning, there’s always the temptation to fall into a kebab joint and dribble garlic sauce all over your nice top . We have a better . Wait until you are in the cab or on the bus and order using a delivery app like  UberEats or JustEat as you near home. That way , you can eat in the comfort of your place and then you either carry on the after party or pass out on your sofa. Much better 🙂

10) After party drinks run out?

After party drinks run out

We’ve all been there . You’ve got back to your place with a few cool folks you’ve been out with and you suddenly realise you’ve got a single half empty can of warm cider in the fridge…OOPS.  Well thank goodness for technology. Now there are a load of services that will deliver drinks to your door at any time of the day and night. We’ve tried http://www.delivermedrinks.com and it was brilliant. Two bottles of wine arrives at 3am . You pay a bit extra for the benefit of getting booze at any time of the morning, but this is an after party saver!

There you go, our Top Tips to stay happy and entertained all night without getting into too much trouble.


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