As it’s getting a bit chillier outside, we thought instead of recommending safe, warm inside venues, we would live for the moment and find you some places to go out in London where you can brave the outside while still keeping warm. The best of best worlds!

There needs to be two main attributes for this to work :  First you need a great location with awesome views and then you need outdoor heaters. Lots of them.   So here is our best of the outside venues that keep you warm!

1) The Courthouse Hotel, Soho – Toy Roof Bar

Toy Rooftop Bar

This little secret is hidden in plain sight right in the middle of Soho just off Regent Street and , like its name suggests, used to be a magistrates court, long since converted to a hotel. As you walk right past reception and head to the discreet lift at the far left of the building, you ascend to the most unlikely fairly secret outdoor bar .  

You can wrap yourself in the thick wool blankets and all the tables are parked next to gas fired patioheaters .  Enjoy the amazing views over the heart of Soho’s rooftops as you guzzle warming cocktails. 10/10 for Outdoor Warmth Factor. Monday to Saturday from 12:00 to 23:00 and Sunday from 12:00 to 21:00 (weather permitting).

2) Pergola Paddington Central

Pergola Paddington Central

This massive gem is hidden in an anonymous mass of corporate buildings in the heart of West London’s tech valley very near WeWork Paddington and literally next door to Vodafone and Microsoft HQ’s in London. At the end of the road is a literal oasis of two floors where you can feel like you are outside (and the top floor very much is) even when you are inside.

The downstairs complex is massive and houses multiple eateries as well as two quick moving bars. It feel like you are in a giant conservatory which in September in London is not a bad feeling. An indoor-outdoor classic! The Pergola here and its sister in the old BBC TV centre in White City close on 1st October so enjoy it while you can 😃

3) Rumpus Room Rooftop Bar

Rumpus Room Rooftop Bar

This smart bar on the South Bank is part of the Mondrian hotel and you need to be 21 or above and dressed smart casual to get in so bear that in mind, but with it’s in-built infra-red superheaters , you won’t feel that you are outside as you knock back drinks next to the Thames with some of the best views of the river you can get.

This one is open late as well, so you can start and end your night here.

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