So the autumn leaves are falling, the roll-necks are up and summer nights in the park are soon to be replaced by warm , quiet nights in by the fire….. NOT!

Well, you can have warm nights in, but no need to  stay at home!  London is full of funky places to stay warm while you go out.   Here at Nightset we have put together some of our favourite Autumn Avoiders where you can chill out and have a stiff one . We’ve picked places that stay open late too, so once you are in, you don’t have to move for a while.

1) Black Rock

Black Rock
Black Rock

No prizes for guessing what these guys do. Yes, it’s whisky and lots of it. But not just your standards and we can’t remember visiting a bar before that has a giant tree trunk in the middle of the table with a whisky river running through it. This is one river we would have been happy to have bathed in and drunk all the contents at the same time!

This is a slick, dark themed bar whose party trick is the giant tree bar where the two house whisky blended cocktails are stored and dispensed from taps on the end of it. Now that is pretty damn cool, we must admit. And who doesn’t like warming whisky on a cold, windy evening?

2) Bar Américain

Bar Americain
Bar Americain

Another old favourite of ours, as it is a) slap bang in the centre of London, being situated just behind Piccadilly Circus and b) it’s one of the most stylish , comfortable places to get a good cocktail too.  Down the stairs from Brasserie Zedel, this rather delicious bar almost feels like you’ve jumped into a time machine and asked to get out at the year 1932, which is no bad thing when you look around and feel the ambiance of that era washing around you .

The cocktails here are simple – classic and well made. No fancy modern sherbets here. Good old school stuff.  This place always attracts an eclectic , friendly mix of people because of it’s location and that’s another reason we like it. Piccadilly Circus is an odd part of town. There are some really good bits and some REALLY bad bits and then there are the odd bits. We like to think of Bar Américain as the secret gold hidden in between all of that.

Try it as the nights start to get darker and the wind starts to chill your bones. One of their Martinis will immediately make you realise why this place is a gem.

3) The Reverend JW Simpson

Reverend JW at Nightset
Reverend JW

Hidden away on Goodge Street, this former residence of the local Fitzrovia priest after which this bar is named is the ideal place to hide away from the icy winds of Oxford Street . With quirky cocktails including  “The Curious Story of the Rose and the Cucumber” and “My Interesting Lovely Flavour” you do get the feeling that you are literally sitting in someone’s old house.

A nice someone , in fact a Reverend JW , who has invited you in for a few drinks. You get the feeling that at any point a jolly, red-faced old boy will walk in at any moment and offer to show you round. How strong are these cocktails???! This homely vibe is enhanced by some of the odd things on the menu, including the old Tunnocks teacakes.

Nightset is pretty sure we haven’t seen them in a bar before, alongside some vintage scotches.  Every month the Reverend introduces new drinks as ‘sermons’ as well. This month’s sermon introduces artisan Sauvelle vodka which lands on the 19th September. Nightset will be attending regularly to say some prayers.  Excuse us. We need quiet….

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