Is there anything better than a cold, crisp glass of your favorite Champagne on a summer evening? Well, these just might be. These delicious Champagne cocktails really are something special, and they might just manage to take the top spot. The only way to find out, of course, is to try them!

Buck’s Fizz or Mimosas

I should have stopped at the 10th mimosa 🤢 #brunchsohard

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We Brits normally only drink Buck’s Fizz at Christmas, but we’ll give it to the Americans – drinking this all year ‘round isn’t actually a bad idea. They call Buck’s Fizz a ‘Mimosa’ and usually pair it with a hearty brunch, which again sounds excellent. If you want to make it the American way, put about 2/3rds orange juice in and 1/3rd Champagne. The British way, of course, is the other way around.

Champagne Mojitos

It might not be the first champagne cocktail combination to spring to mind, but when you think about it (and try them!) it makes perfect sense. They’re seriously nice, and perfect for people who find Mojitos a little too sweet in the summer. The ‘muddling,’ however, can take a bit of time, so make sure you leave plenty because this cocktail is worth it.


This champagne cocktail has a kick. It started off an aperitif, but quickly became popular in it’s own right. Try it, you’ll see why.

Sudden Headache

Don’t let the name or the tequila stop you from trying this lovely champagne cocktail. The fruity mango flavour and kick from the tequila are sure to make it a popular choice. It’s also seriously refreshing, so perfect for those summer picnics and BBQs.

Lavender Bubbly

This cocktail is simple but so, like, elegant. I mean, who wouldn’t be impressed by this? The lavender flavours are really delicate, and the lemon makes it a light, refreshing choice. It’s just enough to be exciting and a bit different without radically changing the flavour of the Champagne. Kelly recommends pairing this with brunch and a celebration, but we’d recommend finding any excuse to drink it – it’s lovely

Champagne Sangria

You’ll thank us for this one later – it’a a game changer. We guarantee that any summer party or BBQ where this is served is a good party or BBQ. Don’t be afraid to change up the fruit you combine it with, and enjoy.

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