You know that feeling when you just can’t wait to get out of the office ? When you are literally counting the hours as it reaches 4pm…..5pm……GO!

So here at Nightset we’ve found some great places that start the buzz early and help you get warmed up for the night ahead…

1) NinetyEight bar and lounge

NinetyEight bar and lounge

This odd but funky place in Shoreditch’s Curtain Road is open from 4.30pm on Wednesday and Thursday and 12 lunch on Friday, so you can get down there early and take in some of its quirky feel. Furniture covered in bandages? We like 🙂

2) Bounce Ping Pong

Bounce Ping Pong

Also in Shoreditch Bounce is a massive venue with 17 Ping Pong tables so you can take all your mates and get involved. The combination of a game of skill and swift moves combined with drinking adds to the fun in Bounce and this is a VERY social place. You will almost certainly end up talking to the tables next to you as you fire ping pong balls the wrong way into their drinks. As you can imagine, this makes things far more fun. Opens every weekday from 4pm and 12pm on Friday if you decide you have to leave work early “for an important meeting” 😉

3) Cahoots


Go back to 1940s London. Cahoots is literally a time machine back to the wartime days of Soho. Set in a giant underground carriage from the era, this has to win prizes for quirkiest after work bar . Open from 3pm on Monday, 5pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and 4pm Thursday and Fridays, this is definitely somewhere you want to get in early.  The vintage cocktails are spot on and after a couple of hours this place is buzzing with the after work Soho crowd . Cahoots in right in the heart of Soho on Kingly street so super central too!  Enjoy 🙂

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