top 5 mobile apps for students

Top 5 Apps for Students this Fall

It’s September and that means one thing. Back to school for the kids and back to Uni for the students among us. Boo!

But although the thought of lectures and endless boredom might kick in, remember there is life outside those lecture theatres.

Student life is hard. We know. We’ve been there (some of us!) and you need something to help you through it.  So Nightset has come up with some lifesaving tools to help you get through the hard times, when you are not on Nightset checking out where you can get a free drink or find the next cool place to party that is.

So we’ve rounded up some of the best apps you might need to help you out:

In no particular logical order, let’s start with where do you find all those books for free that you need to crib important quotes from?

1) Scribd

This wonderful website / app is like your own personal, free reference library. Pretty much every book you might need on the planet is here in same way, shape or form. Also some very useful legal documents and other obscure things that might come in handy during your time as a student.

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2) Google Translate

The best thing about technology these days is it can make you look like an expert on stuff you have no clue about. One of the greatest things about being at Uni is the amount of people you meet from all over the world.  Now imagine how much cooler this would be if you could actually speak to all of the languages of the world or at least learn quickly some key phrases, like “Can i buy you a drink?”.  Well, Google Translate is the secret weapon of choice here, as long as you know how to time your trips to the toilet so you can quickly gen up on a few phrases before you go back to show off your new found language skills!

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3) UberEats

Let’s be honest. Apart from cementing your future career and vocation in life, there are two other things that dominate a student’s existence: Drinking and Eating. And maybe something else but we can’t really cover that here.

So after a hard day in class, followed by an even harder few hours in the Student Union bar, there is one universal requirement for all students…Where can I get some food from. Now. Right Now. Without any effort.

The days of microwave baked potatoes are long gone guys. Now you can have food DELIVERED TO YOU WITH ZERO EFFORT via UberEats.  And right to your door.

It doesn’t need to be premium price either. You choose the restaurant you want to order from so it can be cheap as chips if you want. Especially if you actually want chips…

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4)   Wunderlist

There are lots of organiser and task apps out there including built-in ones on iPhone and Android, but let’s face it they are rubbish. Wunderlist is consistently simple and effective and when you are a student you need stuff that just does the job. Wunderlist is excellent as it has a web app, mobile apps for iOS and Android and even a native app for Windows and Mac , all of which sync together perfectly. If you are really organised you can even connect it to other things like Slack but let’s leave that to people who have to work for a living.  Wunderlist will keep you organised, remind you of your tasks . We thoroughly recommend it.

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5) Evernote

An oldie but a goodie – Evernote is still the best way to write notes on anything you want and quickly store stuff you find on the web . It has a useful little web clipper extension for browsers so you can quickly snag content you want to keep and syncs everything beautifully between web , mobile across any devices you use it on. You can tag content and have multiple notebooks to keep things organised. You can also share stuff with family and mates as you want so collaborative work can be done easily. Not essays obviously. That would be cheating.  And if someone nicks your laptop , everything is seamlessly synced to the cloud so you don’t lose anything. We find it much easier to write things on Evernote than Pages or Word or Google Docs. It’s just simpler , cleaner and more intuitive. As a student, you are also eligible to get 50% off the premium version which gives even more features.  Sorted.

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There’s one more thing…  If you’re looking for the best places, people and parties in London, check out Nightset app.

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