Think of this like it is the first day of your new life.

We are so happy that you have found us, because we don’t want you to live an ordinary life anymore.

We don’t want you to look back and regret not living in the moment. Saying no to a party because you have to get up early for work . Missing out on meeting new people. Being bored. Living a safe, predictable life. What’s the point? Living life to the full isn’t just for the young and restless – it’s for everyone. It’s for every moment of every day. Is it a coincidence that Sun rhymes with Fun? Sundays shouldn’t dull. They are Fundays.

For us, a ‘party’ isn’t just an event, it’s a way of life. It’s about letting go of your worries and the stress of work, being carefree, a free spirit. It’s about the extraordinary variety of the wonderful people around you. We believe in experiencing the beautiful, crazy, complex essence of life, and regretting nothing.

Our vision is a world where life really is a party; An experience to enjoy, a place to meet wonderful, like-minded, crazy strangers, who are sick of living ordinary lives too.

We want you to get out there and live the best version of your life. Explore, go on adventures, don’t let anyone hold you back! With us, you’ll meet people crazier than you are, who’ll make you life more exciting, not dull it down.

Join us on our extraordinary adventure through London. We’ll take you to the wildest parties, incredible bars, stunning concerts, crazy clubs and once-in-a-lifetime events you’ll never forget. Lonely nights in, wondering what your friends are doing, are really a thing of the past.

“Life’s a party, and yours starts now. ”
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Anya Franco

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