Happy New Year friends!

Okay, the mince pies are gone, the turkey has well and truly stuffed us and Santa has been partying in all night raves so has gone back to the North Pole a little worse for wear!

So after all the excess of the party season, we are going to put together our New Year’s Resolutions. These always seem to be the same – drink less, lose weight, change your haircut…..zzzzz.  How about these slightly more valuable ones for your life:

1) Be Nicer

be nicer

If you’ve been harsh or mean to some people this last year, try and be nicer. Life will always through annoying folks your way. The key is how you let them affect you. A good law of the universe is karma, and we think just being nice is a great value to aspire to. In all of your daily interactions with anyone – from the server in the coffee shop to your annoying older brother, it will make everything smoother by being happy and nice to everyone. Try it for a day and see how everyone will love being around you!

2) Change one thing positively in your life

Change one thing positively in your life

Select one thing you are not happy with. Maybe it’s a job you don’t enjoy or the place you live if getting on your nerves, or perhaps you want to learn how to cook like a boss!  Choose just one thing – any more and it becomes overwhelming for the subconscious.  And do it. Set a goal for when you will start and some key milestones to prove to yourself that you are doing it and simply do it . You will be amazed how positive that one change or new thing can be and it’s totally achievable 🙂  

3) Forget the past, the future is now what you make it.

Forget the past, the future is now what you make it

As humans, we can be guilty of always looking at the past as a guide to the future. As a great song once said “Life’s What You Make It” and that is a wise statement that never fails to be true. Use past mistakes to learn from and as a reference point to improve on things that you were not happy with but don’t beat yourself up on it. No matter if you are 16 or 45, life always has the power to be amazing, different, challenging and interesting!  If you want to give up your job and travel the world, why not do it!  There will never be the right time. Just make a plan and make it happen. You will surprise yourself if you do.

4) Tell someone you love them.

You know. It’s such a simple thing to do but so hard for many people.  Maybe it’s your sibling, your boyfriend, your mum, your best mate. Just tell them how much they mean to you. It’s another positive, karmic thing that makes the world a better place and I tell you what , see the reaction you will get if you mean it. It will make everyone smile and make you feel good.

So there’s our slightly more meaningful New Year’s Resolutions. By all means, do the diet and no-drinking January if you want, but we think these are more fun and besides. We have some nights out planned already!


Anya Franco  x

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